Boy Scouts Troop 337 bike drive deliver 150 bikes!

When Kyle Simon came to us in August to see if we’d sponsor and help him coordinate his Eagle Scout project, we were more than happy to assist. Any opportunity to get connected to the youth in our community is a good interaction. We started with defining goals and process – which at the time we thought was a fairly aggressive number at 50. But with the dedication and commitment of a single high school teenager, the support of his parents, and the hands of his Boys Scout Troop 337, they canvassed 7 neighborhoods in mid-October, delivering over 1,100 flyers to homes to promote the Oct 29th bike drive event.

What ultimately happened surprised everyone involved. The willingness of the community to give their gently used bikes in the name of helping disadvantaged kids and adults was profound – Troop 337 picked up 150 bikes in one afternoon. What was equally impressive was the process that Kyle had detailed the step by step method to replicate this event so anyone could achieve such great success.

We are grateful for the helping hands of our neighbors and are humbled by the fact that the young people in our communities can significantly change our society – one idea at a time.