it started with an idea…

The idea for this blog started with a weekly assignment given to our 7th grade daughter. You see, she needed to bring in a current news article every week, and one week, she asked me to be on the look out for an interesting world news article. To me, the news was very depressing and scary for a 12 year old. I realized that this assignment had my innocent daughter seeing the bad of the world, and I had to work hard that week to find her the good in the world. Could we create a place to collect the “good news” in the world? The first article of this blog is not the article I found that week, but it is an article that exemplifies the purpose of this blog, to find inspiration in the everyday actions of people around us.

Your every day actions make a difference. A decision or event may seem minor to you at the time, but it can drastically change the lives of the people around you. Project Inspire is a collection of news articles, websites, and books telling the stories of people from around the country and the world, who have done something “inspiring”. These articles were submitted by A Better Society board members, volunteers, and followers.

Be inspiring!


“About a year ago, a homeless man in Arizona found a bag full of cash and made a fateful decision: He returned it.”

Read more of his story at this link.