A Sincere Thanks to our Supporters

Dear friends,

By now you’ve probably heard that Give to the Max Day yesterday was a huge success for the nonprofit world here in Minnesota. Together, 53,339 people gave $16.3M to 4,381 organizations in 24 hours.

We are proud to have been a small part of this big event. At the end of the day, we found ourselves on the Top 10 list of Small Nonprofits through your generous contributions! In fact, out of thousands of nonprofits with an annual budget of less than $100k, we placed 6th! Our Project Life-Cycle received $6,400 in donations. As an organization, A Better Society received $12,300 across all our participating projects.

We are humbled by the outpouring of support you showed us yesterday. The road to starting a social organization has not been an easy one. Especially one that had such a wide focus. People asked us back then what we did. We said – everything! They asked us who our target was. We said – everyone! The one thing we keyed in on though was the fact that we set our sights on helping the social entrepreneur gain access to resources they didn’t have – so they could take their idea and make it our reality.

Fast forward not quite five years and we find ourselves…

  • giving away donated bikes by the thousands into multiple continents,
  • helping drive awareness around concussion in youth athletes,
  • kickstarting a cancer foundation with the mission to change how society interacts with cancer patients,
  • programmatically driving early childhood social responsibility,
  • creating a framework to scale environmental recycle/reuse campaigns across MN,
  • and actively steering conversations and actions to address homelessness in the suburbs.

So yes. We do everything. For everyone. Your financial support during the Give to the Max Day campaign that put us on the front page of the Small Nonprofit Leaderboard validates our mission. And at the same time, we know we’ve just begun. There’s so much work left to do. So having strong supporters such as yourself is critical to our ability to continue our mission. If you would like to learn how to get more involved in any of the above projects or if you have an idea that you think fills a gap in your community, please let us know.

And again, thank you very much for helping build… A Better Society.