Project Humility2

Comfort Shawl #1Comfort Shawl #2Comfort Shawl #3knitted squares

1 skein of Loops & Thread Charisma yarn—any color–check Michael’s for it to be on sale, if you want to do more
1 pair of size 11 (US) knitting needles–available at any craft store

1) Leaving an 18-24” tail, cast on 20 stitches
2) Knit 40 rows (verify by counting 20 bumps on your square—ends up
being 8”x8”—the size of this sheet)
3) Cast off, leaving an 18-24” tail
4) Repeat until you have completed (3) 8”x8” squares
5) Return the three squares and the
remaining yarn to A Better Society for assembly

knitting kits

2013-04-02 09.00.45

kit with yarn