Project SecondLife Website Launched!

We’ve officially launched Project SecondLife’s website!

After a year of working with community leaders in the environmental industry, kids and youth from surrounding areas, teachers in the multiple school districts, and parents of all walks of life… we’ve gathered the processes, tools, checklists, and network connections to enable the youth of all communities to run any reuse drive they want.

Project SecondLife – A Better Society from A Better Society

As our grant cycle for Rethink Recycling comes to an end, our journey for Project SecondLife is just beginning. As this project grows and develops, we plan to create more ways to empower youth to make a difference in our world. We seek to have youth rethink the way that they view service and embed the idea of service into their everyday lives. We seek to find a place for youth to share their ideas and accomplishments on our website, inspiring others to do the same.

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