Helping Hands – Jamaica Project

We were blessed to be able to send 26 kids bikes to Jamaica – part of the Helping Hands project. As Tom and Pat Roovers planned their next trip to south-central Jamaica, they reached out to us to provide bikes to kids as an incentive to do well in school or do work in their community.

We wish Tom and Pat and all the Helping Hands volunteers a safe journey!


For the past 15 years, Helping Hands has had a tremendous impact in the Jamaican and Kenya communities:

  • Sending over 1,504 ton of materials and supplies valued at over 18 million dollars
  • 6,163 humanitarian volunteer person days in South-Central Jamaica

During the 49 volunteer trips to Jamaica, the following was constructed:

  • Four basic schools w/ playground
  • Two mission churches
  • Rectory for Fr. Peter in Fairburn
  • Medical clinic in Santa Cruz
  • Commercial greenhouse in Maggotty
  • 88 new homes
  • 91 new and repaired roofs
  • 112 new and repaired outdoor toilets/kitchens
  • 80’ X 80’ sausage factory in Maggotty
  • 36’ X 45’ Helping Hands warehouse
  • Built 24 mud homes for families in need
  • Replaced 34 roofs on existing homes
  • Constructed four outdoor kitchens
  • Created thirty outdoor toilets
  • Built 468 beds
  • and so much more…

helping hands2