Cancer MY WAY

Ever feel like the world is against you? Ever wonder if it’s ever going to get any better? Longing for a place to just “be” with people who just “know” what you’re feeling? And can make you laugh. And cry. Together.

Well, this is Malou Watterson’s story…

When Malou first approached us, we were unsure if we had what Malou needed to help her create a cancer foundation that was true to her passion. Now just six months later, we can’t envision A Better Society being the organization we are, without having the experience of working alongside Malou to bring Cancer MY WAY to life.

Malou was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at an early age of 36. After chemo therapy, extensive surgery, radiation therapy, she was given a ‘clean’ bill of health. One year and 10 months later, a recurrence put her into the category of Chronic Cancer patients.

And she was mad. Mad as a hornet actually. Mad enough to want to make cancer her b*#!$! If she was going to have to deal with cancer, she wanted to do it HER WAY.

And thus Cancer MY WAY was born. And while we all liked her original tagline and mission of “Make Cancer Your B*@#^!” (remove the “*@#^!”), we needed to tone it down just a bit for the masses.

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